Can't update (2.3.7 > 2.4.x) and display bug

Hello all !

I try to update from my Quickbox from 2.3.7 to 2.4.6 (the last version I think) but when I click on “Check for updates”, QuickBox said me that I’m already up to date…

Another bug that I have is, service status appear “Enabled” and after 2sec, it’s “Disabled”, and it change again and again…; (I think it’s just a bug of display because all is good for me for service Plex, rUtorrent and other…)

Thanks for your help !

This is not a bug per se as much as you are using the wrong command. Coming from 2.3.7 to 2.4.6 is a massive leap as version 2.4.0 brought on the use of systemd rather than init. We’ve assumed that everyone had made the leap by now and have not posted these details anymore :slight_smile:

Try the following (as root):


Then follow that up with a reboot.

Once you have rebooted your machine you may want to run your updater once more and check to see if the version matches our current v2.4.6

###Additional to note (and this is very important)
In version 2.4.0 we have opted to use a cleaner directory tree for easier recognition of RTorrent vs. Deluge torrents. See the following post for the full set of details.

Hello !

Thanks for your answer ! I followed you article quoted bellow, and now QuickBox is updated :slight_smile: !

Thanks and sorry, I had not noticed this change with 2.3.7/8 to 2.4.x with systemd !



And we l :heart: ve you for beeing a QuickBox user :slight_smile: