Can't optimize Video File on plex


Everything is working well for month with Quickbox on my server.

The only thing I can’t do is use the “optimize” file on plex to recode the file. when i start a task i have an error message: the files can’t be written on the server disk.

how can i setup the persmissions for Plex to write the file on the same folder of the video i want to optimize?

Thank you.

Its sounding like a permissions error to me. I found a link here that maybe of some help.
Or if that does not help

Thanks for the link but I already tested it. maybe i am very bad but it didn’t work.

Bump still no solution. :frowning:

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It works for me if I put the converted file in the same folder as the original file. :wink:

My Plex also has a permissions problem which I haven’t figured out yet when deleting a file.

But you might give that a try.