Can't Login to Deluge?

Not sure what happened but can’t login to deluge, it does nothing. How do I reinstall or reset the deluge password to get logged in again. Thank you for any info or help.

changeUserpass should apply to your Dashboard, Deluge, and your ruTorrent user access points.

I did that and still can’t login you put the password in and click login and it does nothing.

Does your /etc/htpasswd file have multiple entries?

Also ensure you’ve restarted deluged after the change?

yes and it is only one user who can’t access there deluge. I’ve restarted deluge after the change and it still won’t work. Like its in stuck or something.

If it is just the one user having this issue, are there any special characters in their username?

No special characters or anything just a basic username and it worked before but now seems to be stuck. Any chance you could take a look? maybe I’m overlooking something with it.

Sure thing, you know what to do :wink:

Thank you, I sent it to you and it may come through twice as for some reason right in the middle of sending it my internet or something timedout lol.