Can't get acces to user folder in BTsync

I have just set up my new server with Quickbox.
Now im trying to sync with my old server throug BTsync, but every time it says that im not allowed to write in any folders. When i try to enter home/user it wont load anything.

When i try to run fixhome command, nothing happens.

im new to Quickbox and dedicated servers.

Hello @Jesjor,

have you tried to chown the needed sync folder?

You can do so with:
chown USERNAME:btsync /home/USERNAME/sync_folder

Be sure to change the USERNAME with your actual username


[jesjor@servername]:(0b)~$ chown jesjor:btsync /home/jesjor/sync_folder

I think that i have done it correct? but i get no respons. And now i have tried 3 times to send the command :frowning:

Is it possible to remove all kinds of protections? im the only user at the server and i dont need restrictions for my self :slight_smile: