Can QuickBox Pro be installed on a Debian 9.5 server?

Hi I cant find this information anywere, strange that it’s not mention in the Wiki or in the FAQ, wich version of linux you need.

The only supported version right now is Ubuntu 16.04

Why only Ubuntu 16.04?

Ubuntu 16.04 is an LTS release. Meaning, updates for this release are supported long-term. In fact, the Ubuntu 16.04 release will be officially supported until April 2021. We have chosen to opt in for releases that carry longevity over what the freshest newest release may be. Like Debian? It's OK! I'm going to be implementing Debian once more to the mix soon!

Thanks for the answer. Let’s hope Debian support will come back soon.

Though we are working on making this possible. So just matter of time.

That’s great to hear. Thank you.