Building a Huge Plex Library - How much data do I have?

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So for those who don’t know, I use GSuite and RClone to run my Plex Media Library. I’ve been adding data for around 2 years and I love seeing my data increase every single day with new TV Shows and new Movies being added.

I share my Plex Server with a few people and I’ve always said that my Plex Server is better than Netflix because I don’t delete stuff off the server. Once it’s downloaded, it’ll be there for life (or however long I keep running the server for).

Over on our Discord Server I recently shared an image of my current movie collection. I currently have over 3,000 movies that are available to watch on Plex at any time. I was so proud and so happy when I got to 1,000 movies on my server and it was an amazing feeling. But now to hit 3,000 it was great.

However, I have neglected TV Shows. My TV Show collection isn’t as extensive as I want it to be. At the time of writing this blog post, I have 777 TV Shows on my Plex Server. I really want to get this over 1,000 but it’s hard to find content that I want on the server.

I am working on building up my collection however, for those aspiring to have their own Netflix service that they control, it’s taken me over 2 years to build up the knowledge, best practices, and so much more to get to this point right here. However, I wanted to share how much data do I have stored.

I’m so excited to hit over a petabyte of data and I cannot wait to see this expand even more.

How big is your library? How do you manage your data directories and your Plex Libraries? Let me know on Discord!

First off, nice collection! I’m eventually going to get there, but I’m limited on space and using my personal desktop at the moment. I’m wanting to eventually expand it to where it’s on a different machine entirely and set up better. Luckily everyone I share it with lives in the same house as me.

My question is, are you storing all of this on Google Drives? If so, do you have any backup plans in case it ever gets deleted, vanishes, no longer accessible, etc?