Bug Dashboard after update 2.3.7



After i update my service status et controller disasper can you help me


I sure can. Hit the down toggle arrows. :slight_smile:

If the arrows are not working, it’s possible the .startup file didn’t copy in.

If that is the case, you can do this:

A1=$(cat /srv/rutorrent/home/db/master.txt)
cp ${local_setup}templates/startup.template /home/"${A1}"/.startup


I hit the down toggle and nothing append :frowning:


i try what you tell me to do i copy the line i refresh my browser and not working


What version are you updating from? I haven’t encountered this issue yet.


2.3.6 to 2.3.7 but maybe it’s before i’m not totaly sure


Sorry for the delay @piluc88, could you try to do the following:

mkdir /install
touch /install/.rtorrent.lock
touch /install/.autodlirssi.lock

The issue is that the update will be migrating over to systemd for better handling of applications services. Thus, it will now search for various .lock files that match your installed applications. You will need to create the .lock files for each application you already have installed on your system. Thus, Plex would have a .plex.lock file, BTSync would have a .btsync.lock file, etc etc.


thanks it’s working but i have another quick question why when i do the update 2.3.7 he say you are alerady the lastest version but tell me the version 2.4 is up


Version 2.4 is not up at the moment. If you see the abbreviation [wip] (Work In Progress) this means that the version is currently in testing/development and has not yet been pushed to the stable branch. This is purely a means to provide a functional roadmap and inform everyone as to what we are currently working on. :slight_smile:


ah ok thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Anytime @piluc88 :blush: