Btsync now pulled from ppa - function fixed



BTSync has now been fixed and improved. Among the update are the following:

Verify & Review

Header refresh issues and bad BTSync package install in v2.1.1

Is there a way to apply this fix if we already have it installed?


The best way to go about the updating of this (until the api is set) would be to do the following:
I would advise running this as root - so, just a quick su should get you on root.

cd /usr/local/bin && { curl -O -s ; cd; }
cd /usr/local/bin && { curl -O -s ; cd; }
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/*
cd /srv/rutorrent/home/inc && { curl -O -s ; cd; }
cd /srv/rutorrent/home/inc && { curl -O -s ; cd; }
cd /srv/rutorrent/home && { curl -O -s ; cd; }
Reth0=$(ifconfig | grep -m 1 "Link encap" | sed 's/[ \t].*//;/^\(lo\|\)$/d' | awk '{ print $1 '});
IFACE=$(echo -n "${Reth0}");
sed -i -e "s/eth0/$IFACE/g" \
         -e "s/qb-version/$QBVERSION/g" /srv/rutorrent/home/inc/config.php