BTSync inside ruTorrent make life easier


File Sharing And Synchronisation

Can we have something like this so it make it easy for us to backup files to home pc…

Since we already provide BTSync as well as NextCloud as packages within QuickBox, there is already a simplified means of doing just this. It’s a rather simple task to just have a directory shared and have it automatically sync without the need for developers to work on creating additional ruTorrent plugins.

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But not everything I download on my seedbox I download to home pc… most just for seed. and I add torrent using remote adder

BTSync is simple to create a directory and only softlink certain items that you would like synced. There is no condition that states you need to sync everything when using BTSync.

We also provide the btsync alternative which I started playing with and works well.

more info please ?

how more info? please


There are ample amounts of tutorials on how to use BTSync on the interwebs.

installation is straight forward and can be done from your dashboard within the Package Management Center. You literally click the button that states “Install

For more information on BTSync:

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but then how I’m going to move files that I want to sync… I don’t want to sync all the files so I have to move them using FTP or something right? can’t use rutorrent?

ln -s $PathToTorrent $PathToSyncFolder

can I do that from RuTorrnt?
no then I have to SSH… 10 to 15 torrent…

but thanks I think no one want to put in the work to make it work from inside ruTorrent and I understand has this is a free project.

Rutorrent rightlick -> save as. Or you could use auto tools in rutorrent to move it based on labels.

It’s not like people don’t want to help you (there are multiple answers and solutions in this thread). But the problem is that you want additional functionality in rutorrent and/or btsync which are both projects that are not maintained by QuickBox.

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As @chKaze mentioned you have been provided with several suggestions and solutions to your problems, you just don’t want to take any of them or put in the work to customize it to your work flow.

Another suggestion would be using something like filebot to process your desired files into a separate folder with hard or soft links and having that folder be the one that btsync syncs.

Part of managing a server by yourself is dealing with issues like this on your own and these problems are not always clear cut or previously documented. Self-management is a challenge and not for everyone, though I as much as anyone can understand the appeal of saving money. However, that said if you want customizations delivered to you on a silver platter, that type of management costs money and there are several providers out there who can provide you with that experience

Many solutions provided, no further posts required.