Btsync help please

i have a subtittles folder in sync_folder where i upload from local. how can i auto move those files to selected folder every time i added new one? thanks in advance

Not really sure I understand the question. Are you attempting to move subtitle files that are added to something such as /home/<user>/sync_folder/subtitles to another location? Throw us a few more specifics on exactly what it is you are trying to achieve and we may be able to come up with something for you. :slight_smile:

Noood here and sorry for not making myself clear.
You are right! Is there a way i can auto move from /home//sync_folder/subtitles to another location? TQ

p/s: i used to able use this but not now

rmdir /home//sync_folder/subtitles
ln -s /other/folder

When you say you used to be able to use those commands, is this in regards to now there is an error via cli when you try them? If so, what is the error specifically?

####If you are wanting to simply create a symbolic link between the two (which is what ln -s does) then you could just fire the command off as such:

ln -s /home/<user>/sync_folder/<original_directory> /home/<user>/<other_directory>

I don’t see why that command wouldn’t work. This ensures that the created via sym link directory always maintains the same file scheme as it’s parent. You will also need to be sure it has the proper user permissions if you are creating via root. So a simple chown -R <user> /home/<user> will work.

####If you are wanting to move all files in that directory to another directory, you could attempt:

rsync -aP /home/<user>/sync_folder/<original_directory>/. /home/<user>/<other_directory>/

Creating a script to run via cron would be achieved by doing the following:

cd /usr/local/bin
nano sync_transfer

Then within the file sync_transfer you would include the following:

if [[ -d /home/<user>/sync_folder/<original_directory>/]]; then
    rsync -aP /home/<user>/sync_folder/<original_directory>/. /home/<user>/<other_directory>/

Now change the permissions to executable with chmod +x sync_transfer

The final step would be to run it via a scheduled cron task. So type: crontab -e and place this at the bottom:

0 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/sync_transfer 2>&1

This would fire the script every 24 hours. You can adjust the cron execution times as you would require.

I still feel like I am playing off of assumptions to your problem though.

Support here is just amazing and really appreciate! :sunglasses:

I need to manually upload subtittles for my on going foreign series to a (Sickrage Post Processing) folder which contain videos so my Sickrage will pick them up and do the rest.

Before going to try options above hopefully can find out which one you think is better for me and won’t mess up Liara’s tuning. Please advice and thank you.