BTSync etc, multi user?/Security?


I’ve just installed BTsync using the master acount but the BTSync menu link does not show up in additional user accounts. I also noticed that anybody can simply visit the BTsync address IP:PORT/gui and has full access to server files? No username or password needed? O.o

BTSync is only usable by the Master account, we never laid claim that this was available to all users. Remember please that multi-user availability is only a courtesy and does not include all the bells and whistles of the master account.

You will need to take it upon yourself to make these adjustments within the BTSync application. Pretty sure you can add in the need for login to the application (from within the applications settings itself) You may additionally setup rules in your vhost for BTSync to RequireUser and this will require a username/password to be included.

Thanks, I understand. I just wasn’t aware if it was supposed to be for multi use or not. Can you clarify if any of the others QB installable addons are suitable for mult users?

I understand the project is geared towards single user. I’m just trying to gauge which features are compatible in multi-user environment.

Features supported by multi-user are simply torrenting in the form of ruTorrent and Deluge. We are actively planning out a course to convert the Eco-System to Docker, which will make most (if not all) applications suitable to every user created on the users system. At that point, you’ll just have to be mindful that your hardware can handle such riff-raff :wink:

We’ll post more on that in the coming days.

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Great , thanks. I look forward to seeing your plans :slight_smile: