Broken Nextcloud

Looking for some help with fixing my nextcloud, it was working great for a few weeks but suddenly I have not been able to login anymore. At first the login boxes were showing up and just not responding, but now after reinstalling it only shows the nextcloud logo and no boxes at all.
The only thing that I have changed since it was last working correctly was that I moved my domain over to cloudflare and started using their services. I’m not able to connect to ftp with filezilla anymore either as I’m getting connection refused by server, but I’m unsure if its related. The server is on my local network and I haven’t changed any configuration on the router. I’m really at a loss and not sure where to look!

QuickBox Version:
MySQL Version :
PHP Version :
Nginx Version :

The issue seemed to be fixed by disabling “Rocket Loader” in Cloudflare.

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