Box upgrade and now rtorrent won't start



I just recently did a box upgrade and now rtorrent will not start and shows a red dot on the dashboard.

ruTorrent shows:
No connection to rTorrent. Check if it is really running. Check $scgi_port and $scgi_host settings in config.php and scgi_port in rTorrent configuration file.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You


This is probably an issue with openssl being updated; rtorrent is looking for an older version.

Try apt -y install rtorrent followed by restarting the service and see if that catches you up.


unfortunately that did not fix the issue :frowning:



Also, this is what shows up when I type rtorrent


What does systemctl status [email protected] output?

Also, have you done any apt -y update && apt -y upgrade lately?
If you have, follow that up with apt -y autoremove && apt -y autoclean


This is the status output.

I have not run the apt update.


Could you run apt -y update && apt -y upgrade? Then perform the cleanups suggested above.


I have run both. Now Jackett and Radarr have both gone down as well.