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Hey everybody!

Let me start off by expressing my own gratitude to the community and the volunteer staff as a whole here at QuickBox. The last couple of weeks have been abuzz with QuickBox and I have been getting notified to websites showing the joys of QuickBox, Reddit threads, Plex forum posts, random chatty engagements… the list goes on. With all this buzz abound, QuickBox (myself and some volunteer staff) have been working hard to produce something … more. Through this time we have been releasing some minor fixes (thanks again to everyone that submitted some tweaks and all that to our GitHub repo), however, updates haven’t been coming at the volume that we’d like. Why? Real life my dear friends! I myself get swept up in a very busy life. We’re all caught with actual jobs, family, friends, socializing and doing general human things.

The most recent thing brought in is some rather big praise in QuickBox. Not just the application, but the Community as well. We are having some big eyes focused in on our advancements and we are needing to get some solid feedback from our community. We have someone looking to do some rather solid fundraising for QuickBox… wait… what does that mean? This means that there are forces in this world that would like to see QuickBox advance to it’s next level and to be more refined and less riddled with some of the bugs found in our current iteration (which is technically and always has been a beta solution). This is a big advancement for us and we would like for everyone to be involved.

###What do I need from you now, more than ever?
If you have the time and energy, I am asking that you return the favor and leave us some solid feedback… just do it here on this post. Tell us what you like about QuickBox. Everything from ease of use, to… it’s just pretty to look at! With your reviews we can have more concrete material to provide to those that are interested in aiding the QuickBox kickstarter and helping us put more time on development and research, and less time stressing over finding ends and time to commit to the project.

This is huge, not just for QuickBox, but for all of us. There truly is nothing like QuickBox and I see it hard to think there ever will be… as a community, we are simply too established and awesome. Let’s get that feedback!!!


Firstly, I need to say that QB is the only seedbox distrib that I’ve ever tested. I use it privately.
Secondly, I am a rookie at dealing with Linux.

I’ve been running my seedbox for 4 months on a Kimsufi server.

My feedback.

  1. Installation: it’s working just fine. The WIKI is realy clear provided that you take the time to read it thoroughly. Just as you would expect when you buy a car, turn the key and drive.

  2. Configuration: this is another matter. Configuring tools such as Sonarr or Couchpotatoe for T411 tracker is really troublesome. Being French, this latter is unavoidable and Sonarr and CP do need some tweaking. But appart from that, the overall configuration is really simple: no ports fiddling, no permissions hassle, no hair pulling at all.

  3. Now the big part: the team. This is no alone in the dark situation. When a problem gets in the way, they take you by the hand and lead you to the solution. And if this is not enough, they just do it for you! You guys are incredible and I can’t understand that you have a “normal” job beside QB. Not to mention all the tech-savvy ready to help pros that are gravitating around QB.

All in all, QB is the perfect seedbox solution. A well designed script, dedicated developpers, empathic fans, this is just too good to be true :smiley:


I have used multiple seedbox scripts. QuickBox is the only one which is very nearly a corporate style app. No other setup scripts come near it. I have QuickBox running on multiple dedicated servers, and also on VPS slots.

Big Pros for the script -

  1. The Dashboard. This is what actually attracts everybody’s attention. And there are solid reasons for this - Real pro like control panel which compares to some of the paid control panel software we have out there. For beginners to seasoned pros, this dashboard will appeal to everyone.

  2. The amount of software packages bundled in the app. And, providing a 1-click install / un-install option from the dashboard.

  3. The great deal of automation done for the proper setup of apps needed to configure servers /vps as seedboxes. This not only reduces the time for setup, it also eliminates the chances of improper configuration. Because all end users are not linux savvy, this is a huge boon to them. They can just fire and forget.

  4. Wiki and support - The wiki is nicely detailed. But for those cases wherein issues arise outside the wiki, the support is really awesome.

  5. The install and tuning services - For those who just want their stuff up and running. Very few community driven projects have this sort of service.


QuickBox is where the world needs to be. A concept for a stand alone system, so powerful and useful… yet so simple to use! I personally came from a dedicated Windows box, running on the same hardware that is now my QuickBox. I had issues with my box having the general Windows issues of RAM running out due to memory holes, just getting slow over time and needing rebooting, all that fun stuff.

Looking at some forums I stumbled across QuickBox… “Just a simple script to fix your life” I think I remember reading about. Seeing that QuickBox ran on Linux, really caught my attention. Seeing how easy it was to run from a command line, yet with all the visuals needed for someone to run who isn’t a true hardcore Linux person. I actually had a lot of fun learning Linux all over again (since it’s been years that I really ran the OS for a dedicated box).

But after I got my box things did not stop there. It was the community that drew me in as well! With my Windows box it just sat and ran, if I got into trouble it was hours of Googling, usually figuring out it was a driver issue or security patch update screwing something up. With Quickbox though there is a great community that stands behind the product, from general chatter about random thoughts (which I’ve added to myself), to trying to sort out issues (even the dumb questions - which I’ve ask). Moderators, with this not being their paid job or anything, are quick to respond and give technical feedback… with other users also chiming in with helping from personal experiences.

Every few days I get the email with what’s been going on inside the community, which I find very helpful as well! I do not always have time to sit and be involved, but the email update is great! I get to see what questions are being asked, topics being posted, and feel I’m able to keep a pulse on what’s going on. QuickBox I feel is one of the few forums I’m easily able to keep up with, and look forward to keeping up with!

Being a computer person I’m a tweaker by nature. Usually with a “dedicated server” I’m not so inclined to tweak with or modify once it’s running. Though being able to see the other projects or questions others have, and the speed that moderators respond and have an answer or helpful information… I’m never nervous with trying something “new” out. The other reason I’m not nervous though is the software is pretty rock solid. I mean between adding the cool darker theme to the dashboard, to changing repos, nothing has caused my box to crash or be offline.

With the Wiki, the new GitHub, in addition to all the other little changes here and there, I am simply amazed! Though it is not surprising with such dedication that others have seen that and are interested in the project. For being community based and run in people’s spare time… this is lightyears ahead of some actual businesses out there.

I can’t say I’m as advanced as some of the others running a ton of plugins, as @KRG-23 as, I’m happy with my simple setup. I’m running an old Intel board setup with 2GB of RAM, but RAID1 for an OS drive and RAID5 for my download/seeding drive. I’m here simply to be able to run Deluge and keep it running around the clock to make the places I’m seeding at happy! But my setup is stable, it runs, and it has been so much more stable and more powerful than my Windows side. I’ve been running the QuickBox way for awhile now for 6+ months now. And even within the short time I’ve seen, this project seems to have jumped leaps and bounds from when I joined!

With my box, I show it off to a lot of my friends who do the same sort of stuff. I’ve actually had requests from some to help them set up boxes, and also manage one other box aside from my own personal one. Which I don’t mind, for once, because the boxes pretty much run themselves (aside from doing updates now and then as needed).

I am a supporter of the project, I only wish I was able to help out more! I wish the QuickBox team the best and (feel that) I am one on many very happy users.

I’ll end with this thought… sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us the happiest, and QuickBox definitely reflects that!


I recently decided it was time for me to get a dedicated server and run it as a seedbox. I’m an experienced GUI Linux user, but not headless, so I had some fears. I began my search for a seedbox UI or at least installer (main applications). QB was one of the first things I came across, and I stopped my search right after I installed it.

The script is super easy and self-explanatory. There were a few bugs I encountered and fought but worked with a few people to fix them on the GitHub repo. After that, QB has been an absolute breeze.

Hands down my favorite thing about it, is the accessibility of the staff. They do not consider themselves better than thou and are very helpful. The fact I can communicate with the main dev (@JMSolo) to get things fixed in the code, is unthinkable in other projects.

There are a few things that need to be improved, but we’re working on it :wink:


you make me cry a little :’)

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Let me start by saying I absolutely love QuickBox. Before quickbox I spent countless hours updating and maintaining my seedbox. I had scripts to install, update, and configure all over the place. If things went down I had to spend precious time investigating what happened and at times just reinstalled everything. I was lucky to stumble across quickbox and thought it was too good to be true. So I tried it out. In less than an hour I had everything I had previously on my other seedbox and so much more. Since then I have spent little time in managing my server and more time in actually providing content. I am still shocked at the level of support provided for a free product so I will continue to donate/support such a community and encourage all others to do so as well.