Beware of this if you share a server !

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Thanks @bigkuhuna

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One key point is this… it’s the disclaimer on the README that states:



Ok, I was able to replicate this and I now know where to patch to remove this. Keep in mind, LShell was not packaged to ensure a positive jail on users… it is merely a limited shell as the name implies. As QuickBox was built to share with trusted users, not to resell to the masses.

I am working on a patch for this now.

Here you go:

Note that the sed string is no longer necessary for QuickBox to perform many of it’s UI functions. I am going to comb through and remove additional sets that may not be in use anymore as there are some relics leftover from versions used… long ago.

I am going to keep playing with it and if anyone else is tempted to test this theory, I’d be highly interested in your experiences.

And another:

About this one:
This command can be used in conjunction with system() function executions to additionally gain root access.

Thanks to /u/MrBaconwitz @ reddit for pointing this one out!

And another:

About this one:
For existing installs, modify your /etc/sudoers file. Comment or completely remove the following:


www-data group does not need specific permissions. Functions should be fired by user accounts.

Thanks to @liza / @liaralabs for the continued suggestions per security :heart:


Sorry kinda worded it wrong… just wanted to bring it to your attention

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No worries and I appreciate you posting this. I have pushed a commit to address this issue as above and have tested. The vulnerability is now dead. :wink:

At least in this format. I will be testing other possibilities throughout the day.


Thanks @JMSolo for fast responses regarding this issues ! :smiley: