Best Hardware Raid config

Looking for a bit of advice on the best hardware raid config.

I am buying a server that has 3 x 6tb drives that come with a H310 Raid 0/1/5 Hard.

What would be the best to have 0, 1 or 5?

It will only be me using the server and it will be very unlikely that I will use anymore than 6tb of space. I will only have 2 users on the server, one I will use for my daily torrent downloads and one for all my uploads that I will be seeding all the time.

The only reason for 2 users is so I have some organisation between what I am seeding all the time and what I am using to download and that I have 2 rutorrents running to keeps things separate.

Any advice on the best setup between performance and safety as I have quite a slow upload speed from my home connection I would not want to have to re-upload everything if a drives fails.


0 for torrenting unless your worried about lossing data if a drive fails if that is the case and you dont mind the write penalty go with 5
but know that speeds for write will suck so bad…

to be honest off site backup is always better