Beginners Overview Question

Good day. I’ve heard great things about your work, so thank you.

I wonder if someone could provide a conceptual overview and a beginners guide (for dummies).

At home I run (ran) a VMware instance with a couple of Ubuntu LInux VM’s. Each box ran a VPN client and had a script “kill switch” running. If the VPN dropped all traffic would immediately stop. Then I ran sabnzbd and a torrent engine. I ran SickBeard and Couch Potato.

If I understand it correctly, in the QuickBox world… I rent a seedbox, essentially one of my VM instances running in the cloud somewhere. I believe the target environment is Debian so I presume I need a seedbox that is running Debian. Then I run the Quickbox script and it configures the box. Is that the core concept? I gather there’s a lot more in the package, to do things I’ve not thought of yet. The core things I need are those four. VPN, Kill-switch, SABnzbd and a torrent engine.

Thank you in advance.


Actually Quickbox is what makes a “normal” server/machine into a “seedbox”. If you rent a seedbox as you said you will already get it prepared with installed torrent client, FTP etc… You won’t be able to run Quickbox on already set-up seedbox solution.

Quickbox is used if you rent a dedicated server or a VPS that isn’t yet prepared for torrenting.

In essence “seedbox” is just a name for a server that is running a torrent client.

Thank you Timotej,

That was an excellent push in the right direction and truly appreciated.

Have a great day.