Beginners Bash - online resource?

Hi Everybody!

Over the last year I’ve been learning bash as I go. picking up little bits here and there - I have a text file filled with handy little “bits” I’ve collected from forums / reddit etc.

Now I find myself in the scenario where I want to do something a little more advanced, I’d like bash to prompt me with choices (1,2,3, etc) depeding on the choice, run a particular command - exactly the way QuickBox does. This is normally the part where I’d download a copy of the quickbox script - poke around and try to find the answer (which I know is in there)

Did any of you use a particular web page / youtube channel to teach you this stuff, or was it just like me where you just steal little bits of code to add to your knowledge?

If there was a resource you used, would you mind sharing a link?

Much Love!

I’ve never used a centralized resource… I just keep digging through search results until I find the answer I’m looking for :wink:

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Thanks for the replies.

@liara that’s what I’ve been doing at the moment, it’d be to just know some things though lol

@RXWatcher thanks for the ebook. Downloaded and ready to read at work tomorrow :slight_smile: