Beginner - Getting Started

I’ve been planning to start with Quickbox for over a year but it keeps getting pushed back.

I need to move to a seedbox and this package sounds great. I currently have VMware running on a server. I have a couple of Linux machines (I only need one, but…) running, one for torrents and one for newsgroups. I run sickbeard and couchpotato but make heavier use of a browser. I have a killswitch running… so, on a VPN (PIA).

From the past I have info on suitable firewall rules.

For Torrents I use a browser in the torrent VM, on a VPN. I usually use RARBG or TPB and magnet links. Transmission is running and you know the rest.

For Newsgroups it’s SABNZBD. It has a watcher directory. I use a browser and then drop the NZB files into the watcher directory.

Sickbeard handles TV episodes and I love it. It’s the only automated system I really use. I have CouchPotato running but don’t use it much.

Quickbox is up and running on a new VM. I believe fully operational. I’m not sure how to proceed. I’ll put my questions out here but we can work through them one at a time. Also, if someone would prefer we take this “offline” I’m fine with that. I’m happy to pay the hourly wage, if that is what’s recommended.

  1. OpenVPN - Should I install OpenVPN using “quickVPN” (logged in as root… sudo su) or should I follow the Linux procedures from PIA?
  2. How can I get a browser running in Quickbox? It sounds like it should be easy so I think I’m missing something obvious.

Any suggestions on how I can provide the functionality I have today (with my 2 VMs) is appreciated. I know Sickbeard is deprecated, so I know some answers may be “you should do this instead”. Even seedbox advice is appreciated, but I know there is a forum subsection for that.

Have a great day and thanks for any help.

quickVPN would be the faster and tested method to use with QuickBox. Since it’s built in, it simply adds ease to the process.

For this purpose, X2Go would be the best bet. You can review this package on your Dashboard for further install.

The only other issues you may encounter are if you have CSF installed as there would be additional ranges that would need to be whitelisted.