Bandwith data and view additonal Bandwith data is not working


So a bit of a backstory, im not that good with linux yet, but trying to learn.

I recently got a Server rack and a server computer to use with Plex etc since many people in the house have different iX products from Apple.

By pure luck i find out about quickbox. Before i just had my gaming rig running sonarr, plex, radarr and stuff, but now i wanted to move it away from my main rig.

Set it up, and its working fine, radarr and sonarr working great. And plex.

I noticed two things.

The bandwith data and view additional bandiwth data is also blank.

I tried checking if my interfaces was in

which it was


also had my interfaces (enp0s31f6, wlp6s0 - using wifi to test it out)

Anyone have any tips?

An imgur link showing the issue

Can you confirm if you have the set_interface file in your /etc/cron.d directory and that it is executable; ie: -rwxr-xr-x. Also, make sure there is no white space or additional lines in that /srv/rutorrent/home/db/interface.txt file… shouldn’t be, but just in case.