Bandwidth graph in wrong timezone


I recently noticed that the graph that displays the bandwidth is not in the correct time zone, while one that displays CPU usage is correct. The graph shows an hour late. (I’m using v2.4.8)

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Yea this is something i have too. I’ve asked at irc once before but without answer.
The bandwidth graph seems to go by something itself, as the server time is different and everything else like rutorrent, cpu status ect ect follows the server time.

And as you, its one hour after the real time (server time)

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First off, apologies for that. I am rarely on IRC as I have other teammates handling that realm… but I am here most days! :slight_smile:


Is in-line with what @Stiffy has said as it uses the systems tzdata to gather server timezones, however; I did notice upon your bringing this up (thank you by the way) that I forgot to place a variable for date/time within the ajax options that are used for the bandwidth graph.

You can use dpkg-reconfigure tzdata to reconfigure your servers timezone to something more area appropriate.

I am working on a commit to push the adjustment now.

Here is the commit that fixes this issue. Feel free to run the cli updater box upgrade or just update from your dashboard to get this patch.

Update performed, it works perfectly !
Thanks for your efficiency :wink:

Yea downloaded the new panel.header.php and replaced with the old one, now it shows correct time! :slight_smile: