Bandwidth Data plugin issue

Hi there,

I use Quickbox since 4 month but the bandwidth data plugin has never worked.
Now, i’m on the 2.3.7 and nothing has changed.

My server is from So You Start (OVH) and running Debian 8.4

Yes, i know, the dashboard don’t looks the original dashboard and has been translated ^^

How can i make it working?

Regards from France :slight_smile:

More than likely your kernel needs to be addressed. If you are on SYS you need to use the distribution kernel at account creation as per this notice within our readme:

:rotating_light: Heads Up!
grsec is built into OVH’s custom kernel and it absolutely wrecks havoc when using these panels where we depend on the ability for one user (www-data) to see the processes of another running user ($username).

This can be seen clearly by using a task manager such as h/top.

With grsec enabled you can only see the processes owned by your user unless you run htop as root. As such, it is highly recommended to use the stock kernel for your distribution or at the very least installing an OVH kernel that is not compiled with grsec

If you are using So You Start (SYS) as a host, you should opt to use the distribution kernel. You will see this as a checkbox option when installing your server.

This can however be addressed on an already installed server and if you would like to have this fixed, feel free to PM me your server details and I can get this working for you.


Thanks a lot, i’ll PM you :slight_smile:

Excellent, I’ll await your PM and as soon as I have access to your server I should be able to have this patched up for you in no time.

I can’t PM you. When i sent PM, i got a blank popup with just a “OK” button :frowning:

Interesting. I have sent a PM to you instead. Apologies about that.

this was most likely doe to short msg

Thanks, after JMSolo PM’s its working. I’ll know that problem for the future (if i got new problems)


@JMSolo : i can’t continue PM you due to the limit for new users. Sorry

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I got the same issue. But cant PM you.

Can you help me?

@elpetro, what is the output of uname -a

Linux 3.14.32-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64 #7 SMP Wed Jan 27 18:05:09 CET 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Also got an issue with disk space status

Yes, you have an OVH/SYS server apparently with a grsec compiled kernel. The Readme has a notice on these default kernels and how they cause issues. If you would like to PM me your server details I can login and update your kernel for you to ensure QuickBox runs properly on your system.