Badge service disable / Menu disable

Hello everyone,
I just did a clean install of Quickbox.
However, indicators of services are red when they are launched.

Can not see services on the menu, so I can access and download with rTorrent.

Can you help me ?

You have a grsec compiled OVH/SYS kernel. As stated in our Readme, these kernels are known to be highly problematic.

If you like, you may shoot me a PM with your server details and I will have you patched up in a few short minutes.

Maybe you guys should grep for the bad kernel and stop the installation with a message to reinstall with the default kernel? it’s just grepping for ‘grs’, right or add something like this:

Fair enough. That should be easy to implement and will stop these issues from happening in the future. I suppose we could force a kernel change through the installer, but I don’t know if that’s too invasive?

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You could flag it, ask if they want it updated and then proceed to update if they said yes. A no would be a install halt and they’d have to manually update it if they wanted to move forward.

You guys stopped supporting the older linux that didnt support systemd…same would be for supporting the boxes on the grsec kernel. I think this pops up enough to warrant that. You guys cant keep trying to fix these on a one-off basis which seems kind of you but a lot to keep on doing going forward.

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I second this and I am sure @liara agrees. Today alone I have updated 3 new installs via PM informing me their dashboards aren’t working, only to have it be grsec causing the concern. I certainly don’t mind on most days, however, I am amidst heavy client work at the moment so this would be a welcome addition to the install/function chain.

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