Bad peering - any solutions?

Hi Guys

So i got a new Hetzner, which was lovingly tuned by the local favourite @liara. Its performing like a beast, however, my server peering drops off a cliff after 9pm irish time. I can stream with plex all day without any issues, but after 9 i can only stream at around 4mbps. Which is pretty crumby.

So last night geared with a little knowledge (which can be dangerous) i waited for the performance to drop and sure enough it did. I did an mtr from my home to the Hetzner and from Hetzner to my home. And there was severe packet loss and latency. I did a few speedtests with downloading test files the test files from Hetzner, OVH, Leasweb and pinged another few sites and i was only getting 6Mbps speed average. Now my home broadband can handle around 60Mbps. Doing a speedtest to an irish server i can achieve full speeds, so i started to dig a little further, and i stumbled upon pinging Feral and NForce and both maxed out my home speed. Once i spotted this i retried the Hetzner, Leaseweb and OVH servers for speed and i still had the crappy results.

I did check my line this morning and everything is fine again to all servers.

So, going with NForce is probably out of the question as they are pretty expensive and Feral, via Bytesized are too expensive also.

So is there a way to re-route my servers traffic so it performs better? I did a quick look and found PIA Would adding something like this to my server and using their routing, make this better? I guess it is hard to tell. But others must have come across this issue in the past.

Thanks for any and all advice

The better solution would likely be to use a VPN from home which will have the effect of re routing your data on a new route to the server.

Setting up the VPN on your server instead would have the effect of routing all of your server’s traffic through the VPN (torrents and all). This is something I would check the ToS of to make sure sending 20tb of data through their servers is kosher, because it may not be.

Otherwise, if it just started happening recently it may be a temporary issue. Regrettably, I have similar issues with Hetzner which is why I tend to stick to ovh – they are a better fit for my usage though are significantly more expensive.

Thanks for the reply Liara

Unfortunately, I was having the same issues pinging OVH as i was with Hetzner. The support in Hetzner have tried to reroute the traffic for me, so i’ll see how it behaves tonight.

I was also onto NForce and they have offered me a pretty decent server, so i might just go that route if the Hetzner issue continues.