Backup and restore tool for CouchPotato's wanted list. Working with ✔️️

Hello everyone,

This morning I’ve been tired of having so many unwanted movies in my CouchPotato wanted list that I decided to delete it entirely for re-importing movies with another source more efficient.

I checked on github and I found this Python script : CP-BackupTool

The only issue was that this script wasn’t compatible with the CouchPotato configuration provided by QuickBox. It didn’t support HTTP Digest Auth and the API url used for parsing CouchPotato was wrong for QB.

So, I forked the project and made it QuickBox ready! :slight_smile:

If you need to use it, simply do :

  • Clone the repo locally :
sudo git clone
  • In the directory CP-BackupTool-QB, Modify the couch.cfg with your values (only API, urlbase, username and password are needed) :
nano couch.cfg


For all CP-BackupTool-QB commands (backup, restore, delete, export, etc) I let you read the README on the github repo :

I hope that will help someone! :wink: