Autotools (move) help

can anyone help me with an issue im having. In rutorrent im trying to setup a processing folder for sickrage and couchpotato to pull from. I have a folder /home/jason/downloads and /home/jason/complete . What id like to happen is after a download completes, the item is then hardlinked to /home/jason/complete/ with a sub directory created to match the label i.e. movies. so /home/jason/complete/movies. Heres the hangup. I want to use watch folders. so if i drop a torrent in /rwatch/movies its added with the label movies and then autotools goes to work. i cant seem to get it to work even though i know its possible ala this tutorial . I just cant seem to get the right configuration

Have you considered to try out FileBot?

thanks for the suggestion. i have filebot on my local pc for renaming and organizing if needed. BUt mostly Sickrage and couchpotato take care of that both remotely and locally. I figured it out last night. I must have corrupted rtorrent.rc somehow.



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