Automation setup might be returning

So for those of you who know the setup that I offered the past for a mostly fully automatic seamless setup between torrents and plex and cloud storage I have been playing with the little time i do have 4 minutes here 10 there. been trying out the rclone caching and seeing how well it will work to replace plexdrive and seems like it will for playback and scans but not sure about a plex library rebuild meaning re-adding all of the content back into plex and getting all the info and meta data for the video files which with my 100Tb might take a few days to test out but if all goes well i will be able to do setups faster than before. which will also mean being able to do it when i have little time on days off of work. that being said might be a month or so before i start offering this setup again, as i am moving into an Apartment in the next month yay me… will lot you guys know when its stable and ready testing on 2 separate servers so trying to make it crash if i can and so far its doing good.

so after testing a rebuild on a small library the ban still happens which will limit how much can be rebuilt though could always use plexdrive to rebuild and then move to rclone setup so still usable


Thanks man! Been waiting to make the move from plexdrive so keep us posted!