Autodl-irssi update

Hi All,

I am having issues with autodl-irssi just now and have been for a while, just will not download files get the error “error downloading xx could not parse http response header”

Looking online it looks as tho there was an issue with version 2.6.0 which I have installed. I tried to update this with,

cd ~/.irssi/scripts
curl -sL | grep -Po ‘(?<=“browser_download_url”: ")(.*-v[\d.]’ | xargs wget --quiet -O
unzip -o
cp autorun/
mkdir -p ~/.autodl
touch ~/.autodl/autodl.cfg

However this fails, but worked for others. the curl command fails for me. Is there another way that this can be updated. Even checking for updates from within the program it just fails.

Any help would be great, sorry if this has been posted before.

Even using upgradeIRSSI --user=XX

This fails

Managed to get this working by downloading the new version from

Once downloaded, I renamed my older AutodlIrssi folder to .old and extracted this downloaded file to the original folder name. I had to copy the trackers folder out the older folder tho and into the new one.

Have a strange issue with files not autostarting but still monitoring this just now.

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