AutoDL-Irssi Cant Download - Permission Denied

I configured autodl-irssi to download files. I am having an issue where it cant save the .torrent1 file.

I have tried running fixhome and they didnt do anything. I am not sure what the next step would be to try and resolve this.

What method of saving the torrent are you using? Watch folder or direct into rtorrent?

As the error implies, there is a permission issue somewhere which is preventing autodl from saving the torrent to add to the client.

Thanks for the reply.

I have a filter setup to watch an announce channel. From there I guess it just grabs to download into the torrents folder.

To answer part of the question, direct to rtorrent.

I could fix the permission issue but I don’t have a clue where it’s trying to save it to.


I found that the settings were not saving. I ended up reinstall everything, now its working just fine :slight_smile:

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