Autodl community edition

Hello i’d like to install community edition of autodl-irssi. I’ve actually installed it but it reversed back to normal version how do I avoid that?

The version built into Quickbox is the community edition as far as I can tell:

I would suggest uninstalling via the panel or via box(command line installer in root’s shell) and try installing it again from there.

Correct. Auto-dl Community is the only auto-dl currently maintained. It would be rather hard to install the non-community version as I do not believe it is hosted anywhere anymore.

Thanks for the answers but I’d like to get P2P tab and the the version on quickbox lacks the P2P tab.

Honestly @cash, I am not sure where you are missing this… the P2P tab is a necessary function within AutoDL and has been for a very long time. Perhaps the theme you are using is missing this?

Please also ensure that you are using the clubSwizards theme as the QuickBox-Dark is deprecated and has been removed from our repositories as it was a strictly development and demo parent to the current clubSwizards.