Auto UnRaR Files

Hiya all, so I have quite alot of .rar files and for the past 3 hours I am having to manually click on “Extract Here” in order for the files to be extracted.

Is there a faster process of extracting alot of .rar files ? Maybe some sort of Auto feature that extracts all files inside a directory?


Hey there @steverichard92,

There sure is! What you are looking for is the Unpack plugin. THis can be found within your settings and then under the label in the left navigation titled ‘Unpack

From there you can calibrate to your requirements.

Doesn’t Filebot auto unrar files aswell?

You could additionally just use basic Linux as I think I overlooked the real gist of this situation. As per files already added, you do the following:

cd /home/<username>/torrents/rtorrent
unrar e -r -o- *.rar

This will extract the contents of all rar files located within that specific directory all while the -o- (options flag) informs it to not overwrite files which may already be extracted.

@JMSolo, thanks very much for quick response. So let’s say I tick the option for Auto Unpack and untick Torrent Label and Torrent Name, would I need to select the directory on “Unpack to” ?

I would say “Nay”. You can leave it blank and it will unpack it to the directory that the archive is currently located within. To me, this is a simpler way of doing it. However, if you wanted it to unpack to another directory, say /home/<user>/unpacked, that isn’t too shabby an idea either.

At this point we tap into pure user preference :wink:

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