AudoDL plugin Donwload duplicate bug?

It seems like on Ubuntu 16.04 whenever I check download duplicate release checkbox in filter it gets reset to unchecked if I click another filter. Anyone else having the same issue?

I’ve seen similar issues with the AutoDL plugin. I dont think its specific to Quickbox.

I have the SSL checkbox for the IRC servers checked on most and they will become unchecked and then my AutoDL wont connect to the IRC Servers.

I’ve gone to just manually editing the config file and keeping a backup good copy.

Interesting. We’re not running the latest plugin from here. Changes were made to this 3 months ago that arent reflected in the one that QB uses.

Correct, we only install the releases as munch provides them as stable. This issue is not a QuickBox bug and is already marked in the ADL community issue tracker.

Isn’t the master branch the stable branch?

Munch’s instructions for the git clone downloads the master branch:

sudo git clone autodl-irssi
sudo cp autodl-irssi/_conf.php autodl-irssi/conf.php
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data autodl-irssi

I have been pulling the releases and not from the master itself. We are not cloning into the QuickBox project, rather, this is a handpicked and manual include that we perform time permitting.

The reason we pull it per release and not git pull is so we can stay on track with the support we provide. It basically is an easier method for us to keep track of what is what… especially when we are already supplying a plethora of applications. We don’t technically support them, as we’re not the maintainers of said packages, but we do try from time to time. :wink:

Additionally, looking at the 3 commits that have been applied since March, there really is no reason to pull them… 1 is a Readme update, another is some additional instructions added to a template file (just readable not functional) and the other is minifying css. Not really worth the effort in my opinion, nor will it change the fact that this bug exists still within the application.

If this method really seems to be a big deal to anyone then we can consider implementing a new method for inclusion. Here is the means we provide it currently: