Assign domain name

I purchased a domain name, pointed the A record to the IP of my box and I’d like to start using the name to access quickbox.

I’ve changed the domain name in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts what else needs to be changed?

Nothing more needs to be done to my knowledge I don’t even do the server side . You’re going to have cert errors but you probably do now. I would follow the let’s encrypt wiki article to get an cert that matches your domain so the cert errors go away…

I second what @RXWatcher has stated. That is about all that you’ll have to do, no need for setting up vhosts or modifying your host files. Once the A Record is pointed to the IP and propagated it will register the domain without any additional work.

The Let’s Encrypt Wiki can be found here.

sometimes can take up to 24 hrs for it to go though. all depends on the dns that the domain is registered on.

Worked out great, thanks folks!

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