[ASK] Oneprovider.com For QuickBox?

anyone use oneprovider for quickbox ?
how the experience you already use oneprovider ?
about network (DL and UP) ?
and i read they TOS, they server can use for illegal activite.
iAssuming I mean it can not be used for quickbox too.

thanks :slight_smile:

I had a server in Paris location. Doing very well with QuickBox on.

If you select a server in Paris you actually buy a Online.net server.

i dont have CC for buy in online.net :cry:
i just can make payment with paypal.

Tarp meant the Paris location is in Online.net Datacenter

You could always go the way of pre-paid credit cards. I have known many people go this route simply to keep their personal info off the records.

There’s not much difference between OP and Online.net in terms of the paris location.

Although this claim is untested, this script should have little trouble installing on any x86 or amd64 platform. Each provider tweaks the install image a little bit so it’s hard to say for certain they haven’t done anything that will mess with the install (like Scaleway) but with logs, it’s easy enough to find out what’s happening and how to find a workaround

i try buy dedi NL.
they not instant delivery, i must wait 1 - 3 business days.
if get the detail dedi, i will update this post :slight_smile:
i hope not any problem with the dedi :slight_smile: