Apps not running after fresh install

I have fresh installed Ubuntu twice and get the same results. The only apps that run are the one that automatically install with the script. I tried rebooting, running services manually and nothing… what I am missing?

what ver of ubuntu?

Ubuntu 16.10

Your image is not visible for me (dead link?).

Did you run the script from /root with sudo or root account?

Link still good

I do sudo -s then run the script.

try 16.04 i have a lot of problems with 16.10.

on my other server it had 16.04 updated to 16.10 and it works fine.

OK, I fresh installation for Ubuntu 16.04.1, while the scrip was running, I saw a lot errors for missing files inside the quickbox folder. The scrip even remove my user from the sudo, now I re-install again.

No clue why Im having so many problems… :frowning:

Which errors ? Do you have a QB installation log?

I lost sudo powers and cannot access the log.

It’s a bit strange :neutral_face:

From which environnement are you testing the script ? dedicated server ? VPS ? Virtual Machine ?
You can test easily from and for few bucks (very few if you don’t forget to shutdown the VM and the assigned IP).
You can select all distributions supported by QuickBox and try again until you succeed :wink:

Local dedicated server. I just reinstalled Ubuntu again and got the same results very very strange. here is the log…

It seems you have an issue with the /tmp (bad mount).
Could you please run this command :


cf :

sda 223.6G
├─sda1 swap 7.5G [SWAP]
└─sda2 linux_raid_member 216.1G QBox:0
└─md0 ext4 216G /
sdb 223.6G
├─sdb1 swap 7.5G [SWAP]
└─sdb2 linux_raid_member 216.1G QBox:0
└─md0 ext4 216G /
sdc 2.7T
└─sdc1 LVM2_member 2.7T
ext4 5.5T /media/QB12X/ef75323a-357d2fght-9194-78394ff36beb
sdd 2.7T
└─sdd1 LVM2_member 2.7T
ext4 5.5T /media/QB12X/ef75323a-357d2fght-9194-78394ff36beb

another really weird thing is that I lose sudo rights.

As we can see, your /tmp is not mounted specifically on any disks or any partitions.
Could you do df -h /tmp please?
I guess the result should be /md0 ext4 216G /
And df -h /tmp | grep "tmp" ?

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/md0 213G 5.5G 197G 3% /

df -h /tmp | grep "tmp"
no output and I can’t sudo… I have to restart recovery mode to add my user back to sudo.

I did another fresh install and still having errors. Now there is no sudo problems but Quickbox main screen is not loading.

QuickBox will now install, this may take between
10 and 45 minutes depending on your systems specs

Pulling QuickBox Ecosystem … [ DONE ]
Updating system … [ DONE ]
Installing all needed dependencies … [ DONE ]
Setting up system executables … [ DONE ]
Building required user directories … [ DONE ]
Setting up Limited Shell environment … [ DONE ]
Building ffmpeg from source for screenshots … [ DONE ]
Installing xmlrpc-c-1.33.12 … rm: cannot remove ‘tmp’: No such file or directory
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/root/tmp’: File exists
[ DONE ]
Installing libtorrent-0.13.6 … rm: cannot remove ‘tmp’: No such file or directory
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/root/tmp’: File exists
[ DONE ]
Installing rtorrent-0.9.6 … rm: cannot remove ‘tmp’: No such file or directory
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/root/tmp’: File exists
[ DONE ]
Installing rutorrent into /srv … [ DONE ]
Installing rutorrent plugins … [ DONE ]
Installing deluge … [ DONE ]
Installing quickbox dashboard … [ DONE ]
Setting up seedbox.conf for apache … [ DONE ]
Installing .rtorrent.rc for QB12X … [ DONE ]
Adjusting fileupload & filemanager plugins … [ DONE ]
Installing autodl-irssi … [ DONE ]
Making QB12X directory structure … [ DONE ]
Writing QB12X rutorrent config.php file … [ DONE ]
Installing vsftpd … [ DONE ]
Setting up vsftpd … [ DONE ]
Setting irssi/rtorrent to start on boot … [ DONE ]
Setting permissions on QB12X … [ DONE ]

When installing Ubuntu on a Local server you only need 2 partitions 1 / and 2 swap.

Also if you do not add the user you want to have sudo when installing to the sudoers then you will loss it.

@dtech_banned what do you mean by 2 partitions? I installed the server on RAID 1.

When the script ask I always add the user/password.