API updates and upgrading

Continuing the discussion from Custom hostname issue + a few other issues:

There shouldn’t really need to be a wiki post on such a feature as this is intended to be rolled into user dashboards. The goal is to have a popup modal appear on the bottom of the user dashboard that will notify said user of an upgrade. The process to upgrade will be as simple as pressing a button and waiting (I would imagine) no more than a minute for the screen to refresh with the new updates. Changelog’s will continue to be posted here.

It will happen similar to how the popup on the cover of the community works at https://quickbox.io

Absolutely, the wiki is yet another priority in the pipeline. Our main focus is/was the implementation of the /home function. This, after Beta Squad concludes all the needed tests, should be released today.

How lazy are you @dtech_banned :laughing:
In all seriousness. The updates will not be an automatic set… I think it would be a good idea, as I am still trying to work out what happens when users decide to skip a couple of releases, although, this is why there will be a popup on the screen to notify users when an update is available… can’t close the popup till you update.

Forcing auto-updates is sort of a violation of GPL agreements and users of any open-source products should have the means to view the list of changes made before committing to an update (even if it is completely necessary). Now, this isn’t to say that there couldn’t be…

[*] opt for automatic updates
[ ] stop automatic updates

Selection modal that is included in the update notification on the dashboard.

I’d set automatic updates when installing script have it be one of the user input questions. and @JMSolo tbh i like being lazy when i can i work hard I would like to think so lazy when possible is good :stuck_out_tongue:
but i understand not having it set up like that. would just remove human error from equation on user end of script.

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This could be a viable option. Then, if the user chooses to say no to this step in the initial install, then it could present itself as a bullet point option once there is an update available.

I’ll sit on this and contemplate when would best suit being added in the development pipeline.