Amazon is clamping down on DMCA..well, at least in my case

I had 36TBs of unencrypted media on the there and today ACD was locked out. I called in and was told they lock it for rate and/or DMCA and I was flagged as DMCA. That would make sense given it couldnt have been a rate issue for me.

I was able to get them to unlock it by playing dumb as to what DMCA was and then I trashed all the unencrypted and am moving it back over from gdrive as encrypted. I will still keep one gdrive unencrypted for Plex Cloud.

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Wow, that is the most unfortunate news all day. I guess now we have solid confirmation as there’s no better source than an @RXWatcher. Were these file encrypted by chance?

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No, I was flying unencrypted on all of them. It just made my life easier. They will be encrypted via rclones encrypt as they go back up.

When I’m done…this will take a bit:
acd: encrypted via rclone and seedbox plex
gdrive (cheap throw-away drive): unencrypted with Plex Cloud
gdrive2 encrypted via rclone crypt and left alone.

That should cover my needs. I have 48TBs in the gdrive2 but it’s going to have to be moved to encrypted. I wonder if I can get a google compute engine to do the Google moves…I’ll bet they wont rate limit me as its all in-house.


that is most unfortunate indeed. for those of us using dtech’s method, will we also be vulnerable? i understand we are encrypted via rclone though, but still begs the question where do we go from here :confused:

As long as they are being encrypted I see no issue for concern (not too much anyway). Hard to file a DMCA notice on a jumbled string of text/file.

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I think most people are fine…most people run encrypted. I was playing it fast and loose and I got burned.

I dont see how amazon or google will get you on a DMCA if you’re running encrypted. It wouldnt be worth the compute power to crack the encryption to get you.

It’s slowly moving back:


As I take this as everyone should avoid storing things that are not encrypted that could be questionable content to all users!

Instant theme song came to mind.


Ive been playing fast and lose… Worse case sitation i fail over to one of my cloned google accounts…

As for the encrypted concerns. I have been using GDrive, Dropbox, Amazon, etc for other locations to “share” files with friends when my main file server is down. I simply just post them up with a simple password, 15GB ISOs stored in a ZIP, whatever… and never had any issues. I actually just logged into one of my GDrive accounts and found a file I have had there for about 8 months, and no one has bothered.

Basically I think that if you have anything unencrypted up there, “they” have algorithms that look for program hacks to copyrighted material… so that they can’t be in trouble for having it on their servers. But if it’s got something that people can’t easily look into, no one is going to bother with it. I’ve been doing this for the last 5-6 years and never had an issue.

This is the exact mentality behind people who would obfuscate file names, throw it in a password protected RAR on rapidshare and post it on some forum somewhere.

I believe it worked pretty well, though the links ended up getting reported eventually (probably because they were shared publicly). I would imagine in a privatized scenario, you could persist in this manner for a pretty long time.

I have almost 600GB of Flac Files each with a randomized name on a unlimited google drive; its great

well that’s unfortunate that’s weird that they found you for DMCA i have seen google do it but only when its shared publicly.

Damn it…It’s locked again. This could be rate. I’ll call in tomorrow.

yeah that most likely the downloading to fast lol or api scans

If anything it would be uploading too fast. I called in now…they unlocked it again. I didn’t push for the reason

they might not have one just play stupid all the time works great XD amazon has customer
always right policy so yay for you lol

It has happend agin… but said content on it was encrypted i was toldby a friend

they block people for many reasons if you’re not going crazy with upload and download max 100 transfers at a time you should be fine if using encryption