Ajouter cake box a rutorrent possible?


j’aimerait savoir s’il était possible d’installer cake box sur rutorrent ?


never heard of cakebox for rutorrent whats it do?
does it send cakes to me when torrents is downloading lol :stuck_out_tongue:

so did some searching and found it, though looks like its been dead for some time now and that normally means somethings could be wrong and or insecure. so i dont see us adding it to the QB repo but there is no reason you cant install it by following the instructions they leave for you. it should work just fine with QuickBox.

Cakebox is made for an installation in the /var/www/ directory so he should adapt the code to the QuickBox structure. But it works, i’ve made it for the community version in 2016 because before discovering QuickBox I used to Seedbox Manager + Cakebox and I was lost without Cakebox. But it seems that zoxyd is on QB Pro version. I don’t think it’s that simple…

But I agree with you that it is no longer developed. So, for me it isn’t a good idea to adding it in to QB too. Except if someone wants to fork it, and continue the development…