Adding Webmin option

how hard would it be to make a option for webmin to be installed there are a lot of useful things in webmin.
it would be good for managing some other stuff that is rather a pain in terminal.

Webmin can easily be installed by the end-user. I don’t plan on integrating it officially as it can interfere with how we work quotas with simple commands, rather than the manual runaround in Webmin.

Yea, I can vouch for the webmin breaking the quota system

Ok well no webmin but i would like something that allows easy file management throuh gui VS terminal

Sure thing… it’s called SFTP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am considering adding in an HTML5 file browser. This is merely concept though, much like the Web Console.

You do have a file browser…its called the file browser plug in ruTorrent

it’s really limited to what you can do.