Adding disk IO in disk usage widget

Here there,

I would like to add 2 lines to the disk status widget to display the HDD I/O.

after digging a bit into PHP and stuff, what I would need is a php function capable of testing HDD IO, and just add a ligne in the Disk Status widget to display it unfortunately there is no standard function in PHP for that.

This doesn’t have to be real time, just to be update once or twice a day to keep an eye on it.
my idea would be to lanch a “dd” command a display the result write speed

Could some one give me a hand to do this ?

thx :slight_smile:

shell_exec(bash command here) might be the command you are looking for, though not sure exactly about the displaying of status. You could potentially log the output of the command to db/output.txt and have the response widget read it back.