Adding a link to Quickbox dashboard

Is there an html file somewhere that I can tinker with? I plan to use my Quickbox as a KVM host as well and it would be nice to have a link to Kimchi on my main dashboard.

There is no html to edit. But have a look at:

It’s not quite html, but close enough that I got it working :slight_smile:

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Until your post I had no idea what kimchi was,

I found this guide to install:

Before I go on fool’s quest, is it really that easy to set up and configure?

It took me a little while to do it, but it wasn’t bad. The part that I got hung up on was installing nginx. Since Quickbox uses apache, you have to disable the apache2 service when you install or you’ll get errors that nginx-core wasn’t configured (which is a dependency of nginx, then wok, then gingerbase, up the chain to kimchi…)

Even if you install all the packages and ignore the configuration errors you can disable the apache2 service and run this command to configure everything and grab any missing dependencies:
sudo apt-get install -f

Once nginx is working, you’ll have to find the nginx config file and edit it ( /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default ). Change port 80 to something not being used (I picked 81). Restart the nginx service. After that you can start the apache service again and you should be good. I think I had to manually start the wokd service as well and do a full reboot. The first time I tried to bridge a network my server crashed, but I’ve configured several virtual machines since then without issue.

It was late last night when I did this and it’s all from memory so hopefully that is enough to get you going. Let me know if you have trouble and I’ll try to help.

OH, I also vaguely recall some trouble installing the version of Kimchi from repository. I guess it’s outdated, but installing it from the deb package from their website worked right away. wget the file, then sudo dpkg -i <kimchi.deb>

thanks for the detailed answer.

A little testing locally I think before I go full retard and stick it on my box.


Since you are experimenting, you might also want to try out webvirtmgr. I didn’t see that one until I already had Kimchi running, but it looks good, too.

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My box just crashed again while I was configuring a virtual network interface in Kimchi :frowning:

Once I am settled in my new home I do plan on building a custom menu section. It will essentially be a custom-menu template that will be set as an include within the current menu. So any menu items that you would like to add be it external or additional apps you install on your server can be added and the threat of being overwritten will be void.

It may be about another week or so until I have enough quality time to sit down and scheme this out for the next update. Which, might I add, has a lot of things/requests to be added. :slight_smile: