Add Syncthing support remove BTSync


Reasons: Syncthing is opensource and absolutely free with more options. BTSync is not opensource and has been said to be much much less secure.


Syncthing will be added as a package, more than likely by v2.3.9 of QuickBox.

BTSync is not less secure than Syncthing so don’t let that be a deterrent to anyone thinking about using BTSync. BTSync is a paid-for platform only in regards to additional features (granted, those features may be found freely in Syncthing)… it does still provide basic functionality on a free level.

Syncthing and BTSync will be available side-by-side as these things are a matter of user preference and our aim is not to enforce which packages a user can and cannot install from their dashboard.


Sounds good i was just going off a post i read about what some hackers had to say from it.


Could you point me to this post? I would certainly like to be on the up and up if there is a system vulnerability that was found, so that would be appreciated. I can’t stay current on all the latest news and gossip :wink:


its a old article but i pulled up this one after a quick search


Yep thats the one. Cant really say if it still stands but it makes some good points.


I see… it makes some good points in regards to where BTSync sat around 3 years ago. Since they have introduced their Enterprise plans (I have a couple of clients using the Ent versions) I am certain these things have been patched up. I think most of that relates to how they used to store the hash of downloads for local computers (possibly server environments).

At any rate, without further digression on this… Syncthing will be included! :wink: