Add shareable folder for allSeedBoxUsers

I want to add shareable folder with all users with read / write permissions.
OS: UBUNTU 16.04 Server
I tried this guide but when I try to go into this folder using seedBoxUser account created using createSeedboxUser, I got result:

cd /home/public
*** forbidden path: /home/public/

Folder permissions (/home/public):

drwxrwsr-x owner_name ALL_USR_GROUP_NAME

cat /etc/group | grep “ALL_USR_GROUP_NAME”


I when this will work I want to add sym link from /home/public to


Not sure if this is relevant or not but your username “seedBoxUser” needs to be all lowercase.

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I know. All users have lowercase names its just an example user name.

This sounds like a limited shell issue. go look at /etc/lshell.conf

the only way i can think of this is syslinks but this can be really bad if one person deletes it then nobody can use it.

The best way to do it is to mount shareable dir using mount --bind
Keep in mind that all mounts disappear after shutdown. To remount it you can:

  1. add this script to execute at startup.
  2. add mounts to /etc/fstab
    Here is my script to do it:

Just edit user list, source dir, destination dir, group (optional).