Add .m2ts in Screenshot plugin formats added

Add the ability to take screenshots of bluray

(editing /srv/rutorrent/plugins/screenshots/conf to allow this.)

this is possible if it’s not in iso format
and its not if the plugin would support it it’s ffmpeg that needs to

well the thing is the file will only do what formats is listed in the config even tho ffmpeg supports it; i modified my own configuration to support it; just felt it should be added in to everyones installs :wink:

would you mind sharing config here?

Here You Go

$pathToExternals[‘ffmpeg’] = ‘’; // Something like /usr/bin/ffmpeg. If empty, will be found in PATH.

$extensions = array


Very cool @demonotaku!

Adding this in and pushing credits to you. Thanks!

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that was the idea glad you picked up on that :smiley:

Yup, added to the roadmap and committed.

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