Add FreshRSS to QuickBox (BOX)

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

These last days I needed to set up a RSS agregator which could be use on my server.

So I searched and I choosed FreshRSS which seems to be good, beautiful and efficient to manage RSS feeds.


I installed and integrated it to QB and the result is really nice!
I started to develop a custom script to integrate FreshRSS into Box Package Manager in order to simplify the installation for people that wants to use FreshRSS.

For now, the script simply does:

  • With root account or with sudo
  • Add / Remove FreshRSS to BOX Package Manager (Ubuntu 16.04 tested),
  • Install / Uninstall FreshRSS from BOX (Ubuntu 16.04 tested),
  • Add the FreshRSS custom menu to your QB dashboard (reachable to /freshrss)
  • Script could be use with a fresh or an existing QB install.

FreshRSS configuration:

  • It need to be web configured the first time use after installation. It can’t be installed from Web Package Management Center because it needs SQL root password and you are the only ones who know it :wink:
  • Not public, need to authenticate with ruTorrent login and password even if FreshRSS integrates authentication with login form. Could be modified if you want to access it directly.

Need to be enhanced :

Need to be tested:

  • Debian 8 support,

As FreshRSS is a PHP application, it’s useless to integrate it to the dashboard because there is no service to manage. It does not need to be monitored, only locally installed.

Could you tell me if some people are interrested?
If it’s the case, I will modify this post and add explanations on how to install it (few minutes!).

If you have any questions / remarks, do not hesitate to participate :wink:


With root or sudo :

  • cd /tmp
  • wget
  • bash ./FreshRSS_installer_BOX
  • Select option 1) to add FreshRSS into BOX or 2) to remove FreshRSS from BOX
  • box install freshrss
  • Type the password for the SQL freshrss user
  • If MySQL is already installed, type the root MySQL account password. If not, type the password which be set for the root MySQL account.
  • When the installation is finished, go to the Dashboard, click on the FreshRSS menu link and configure FreshRSS.
  • Voilà :slight_smile:


  • box remove freshrss
  • Type the SQL root password (be careful, there is currently no double check password verification!)
  • FreshRSS is uninstalled from your server
  • bash ./FreshRSS_installer_BOX
  • Select option 2)
  • FreshRSS is removed from BOX
  • Voilà :slight_smile:

Nice app, if you can, can you tell how you were able to set it up via the Package manager? i have been trying to get an custom app to show up but no luck so far.

Hello @Dedsec1,

There is what you need to do (devs can correct me if I’m wrong or if there is a “best practice” way) :

  • Create “installpackage-YourCustomApp” in /usr/local/bin/quickbox/package/install/
  • Create “removepackage-YourCustomApp” in /usr/local/bin/quickbox/package/remove/

Don’t forget to do a touch /install/.YourCustomApp.lock during the script installation to permit BOX to know that your package is installed and that it needs to select the remove package :wink:

Thanks @PastaGringo did you manage to get your custom app to show in the package control center on the dashboard? So an app could easily be installed via the install button.


Nope because Fresh RSS doesn’t need to be started or shutdown :slight_smile:

For being visible in the Package Management Center, you need to modify the index.php file to include few lines for the application. But you need to be very carefully because your script need to add/remove your custom lines into the index.php. If it’s not clean, it will corrupt the Dashboard :wink:

cool thanks for the info

THANK YOU!!! been trying to get this to work with my quickbox setup for a couple days now and for whatever reason I couldn’t get apache to see the page so I kept getting 404 errors when trying to go to the installation screen for freshrss. the terminal still spat up a bunch of errors, which if I didn’t do the commands on my phone I’d paste em here, but I’d imagine that they were just because I had already tried to do this myself because the only one that I can still see is "ERROR 1396 (HY000) at line 1: Operation CREATE USER failed for ‘freshrss’@‘localhost’ " BUT none the less it worked flawlessly. kudo’s man

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