Active IP or Current Sessions

At the user root level is it possible to show “Active IP sessions” and have it logged for 24 hours or perhaps even configurable for duration logging on the left menu. Just incase random someone someone is logged in? That is not suppose to have your login.


I agree, seeing IP’s for logged in users would be handy on the dashboard.

Actually lets take this up a notch. Available to all users on their accounts for security purposes as well… and at the root level show the whole thing in terms of sessions. :blush:

If that’s asking for too much in terms of a suggestion… my first one was perfectly suited.

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I like it and it is something I have thought about feeding to the dashboard via ajax. I could feed it from the bash as it can be seen implemented in the commandprompt_on prompt for shell sessions by root.

05:38:04 Thu Jun 23 [root@quickbox:/dev/pts/4 +1] ~[23/06 17:38:04] commandprompt_on... ] ~ - root@quickbox +1 @/dev/pts/4 - [  17:38:04 up 1 day,  2:36,  3 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.05 ]

That output shows currently 3 users logged in (granted they are my test sessions), but this could easily be fed to a div on the dashboard for the master sudo account holder.

The fun part is making it @T4K enough (pretty enough) and having ajax be nice to the output. I think it could be fed to an db/user.sessions.db (log file) and read from there… no security issues with that method… then, as the users sessions exit - it rm’s their entry from the file… that’s the tricky bit. … but can be done.

I’ll focus on that first bit first.

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