ACD/RClone problem

I restarted my server today because for some odd reason, acd is not mounted.
but after reboot still has the same problem.

I got the RClone Guru service to get it setup. No experience with rclone whatsoever…

help please… :frowning:

you’re not the only one in same boat

harsh!!! I bet they must have seen a TON of traffic using tokens used by RCLONE, and figured they had to do something to slow things down.

It was actually due to how ncw (the dev) was parsing secure tokens through the API, nothing to do with requests. He has requested new auth for the API and does plan on having this patched up sooner than later. Amazon only banned it due to the potential risks involved with how data was being transmitted through their own API, not even a fault of his. We’ll have this back up soon, trust me, I sit in this same boat… it’s just a waiting game now.