ACD/Rclone 4k content

This is more as a formality giving heads up to people who are using the rclone automation
full BD-R of 4k content and remuxes of them are going to over the size limit to upload to the cloud at least in regards to amazon cloud drive. that being said 4k shows are small enough to fit and as long as your server is fast enough you should be able to play without any problems.

file size limit is 50GB or at least according to this.

I have a gdrive account for this reason. can stream 50+ rips fine.

google is not amazon though this was in regards to amazon cloud. but good to know google even with the limits they put into place allows large filesize. i still dont know that i would try and stream 4k content with most setups as bw is huge needed to keep up with large 4k files.