Accidentally delete master account

Hi all, I accidentally delete my master account, and know I cant login into su.
what should i do know ? how to create another user with a su and as a master account ?

wipe the server and reload. In my opinion, It would take too much effort to change everything.

Oh no. Any other method ? I got 11 user. :confounded:

Do you have a root login ?
if no then you have to redo it, if yes then just add any user to the sudoers that you wish to have the master dashboard i can not recall where it is that this file is but @JMSolo or @liara might know :smiley:

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offload them to me till you fix it lol… so sorry to hear that happen:( i wish i could help
i have a 8tb server

I cant enter my root account. the default user account also missing. haizz… :frowning:
how about rescue mode ?

What do you means ? hmmm :cold_sweat:

The easiest way to do this would be to reboot into recovery, take the necessary steps to mount your hard drives/all partitions and chroot in. Once chrooted, issue the command passwd to change your root passwod

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no root and no sudoers you’re going to have to keep the server as is and forget about making changes or reinstall os or doing what liara says cuz she awesome

thinking of that he could also add a user to the sudoers from recovery mode.

let me try 1st.

no please. i dont want reinstall os again. :disappointed_relieved:

idk was trying to find away to help…:frowning:

Follow @liara’s advice. Boot into recovery, reset the root password with passwd. Log out of recovery mode and log into your server in live production mode (as root)… from here, simply run the installer once more to replace your master account.

Since QuickBox is now hosting repos (once again) back at GitHub, follow these steps to get the fresh repo to your server.

[1] login to your server via ssh. Gain root access with sudo su followed up with cd to place you in your /root directory. Once in your /root directory, type the following to remove your current local QuickBox respositories.

rm -rf QuickBox

[2] grab the current/future QuickBox repository with the following:

git clone --recursive /root/QuickBox

[3] update your current update function by doing the following:

rm -rf /usr/local/bin/quickbox
cp -r ${local_packages}/. /usr/local/bin/quickbox
dos2unix $(find /usr/local/bin/quickbox -type f)
chmod +x $(find /usr/local/bin/quickbox -type f)
cp -f /usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/reload /usr/bin/reload

[4] In your case, simply rerun the installer to setup your lost master account:

bash /root/QuickBox/setup/quickbox-setup