Access remote server

Hello, I’m trying to access my server remotely from my Windows PC.
I’ve searched around, followed numerous guides, one can be found here:

No luck :frowning:

Can someone please point me in the correct direction.

So you want a remote desktop?
Or do you just want a command line session?

Hey. Thanks for reply.
Remote desktop would be much better as I would be able to physically see everything on the server.

No luck in what sense? That x2go wont launch or you need something more advanced ?

Install x2go from Dashboard
Install x2go client from
Open X2GO on your machine

  • Click ‘ Session->New Session
  • In the new window fill in your host ip, your login (username for quickbox)
    And at the bottom remember to use XFCE as the session type.

Just tested this - Works like a charm!

Hey all, oh wow!
I followed the same process past few days and wasn’t working.
Very strange everything is now working. lol

Would anyone know how to merge multiple .ts files into one file?

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